Lagan is now part of Breedon Group, a leading construction materials group in the UK and Ireland.

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All Lagan Products, from brick and cement, to concrete, tile and sand are manufactured to the latest industry quality standards and are CE marked where applicable.

Lagan Products manufactures various types of bulk and bagged cement in an ultra-modern production facility in Kinnegad, County Westmeath. We are also licensed to extract sand from Lough Neagh and operates three sand barges with a capacity of 500 tonnes. Our tile production plant produces concrete roof tiles and ridge tiles in a variety of profiles and colours. Lagan Products also manufactures a diverse range of clay bricks in the only factory of its kind in Ireland.

We have the capacity to produce over 5,500,000 concrete blocks and 13,000,000 clay bricks per annum. Our process of continuous sustainable development has a strong focus on resource management - utilising resources such as water, energy and raw materials more efficiently. We are committed to minimising the environmental and social impacts of transport for the manufacture of cement.

Lagan Products consists of:
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